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To get a great sign solution, you need a great approach

Experience turnkey done right:
Design-driven, tailor-fit, value-oriented.

SeeSaw's Agile Sign Processlets you implement signs for your project quickly, economically, and headache-free — without sacrificing design or quality.

North Hill Senior Living Community, Needham, Massachusetts

Results oriented, value driven.


Tailor-Fit Signage

Start with one of our sign families and we’ll work with you to tailor it for your project. It’s the look of custom at a fraction of the cost.

Complete Sign Program

We know you'll need some signs that aren't covered by the families—like individual letters or donor recognition. Luckily we are experts at identifying them—and designing them too.

The Local Touch

We have a network of the very best architectural sign companies in America, so you'll be working with a partner who knows the ropes in your area.

A Handle on Costs

We give you a Guaranteed Maximum Price with your proposal, so you know total costs early in the process.

The Process. (In a Nutshell.)

Give us the basics about your project and we will be in touch with you within 24 hours to talk it through. Or, give us floorplans now and we can get started right away.
Within 3 business days of receiving floor plans, we will deliver to you a Sign Assessment, which includes a preliminary sign count, budget range, and timetable; as well as an evaluation of signs that would complement the sign families to form a complete program.
If you choose to proceed, we will hold a web meeting to discuss the Assessment; to understand colors, finishes, etc.; and to resolve open questions.
We identify and introduce the implementation partner from amongst SeeSaw’s national network of architectural signage companies.
A proposal is delivered to you. It will contain a fixed design/programming fee for work done at the central SeeSaw design studio, and will also contain a Guaranteed Maximum Price from the implementation partner for fabrication and installation of the project.
Once approved, SeeSaw undertakes the design and programming for your project. When design development is complete, the project is transitioned to the implementation partner, who will be your primary contact during production. The SeeSaw studio remains engaged with the project until completion.

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