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An interesting article that starts out talking about the importance of wayfinding and then uses that as an expample to explore intrinsic vs extrinsic motivators, and ultimately why certain people do the work they do.

Read the article at The Atlantic.

Fabricated sculptural numeral 5

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Executing a sign program for your facility is just like any other design-construction project: you need common sense and a good plan.

A sound strategy starts with the understanding that signage is a unique and specialized building product. The leader of your design effort has to have the right skill set, with the requisite experience and knowledge to deliver the results you need. Will it be a qualified architectural sign company, an independent signage design firm, or your architect’s in-house graphic design group? All of these alternatives are viable. Asking potential sign design consultants the following 5 questions will enable you to make the very BEST possible selection: Read more »

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