SeeSaw is an online community focused on the creation of a new architectural signage paradigm – not about materials or fabrication – but rather about giving architects and building owners the ability to identify, evaluate, and collaborate with sign solution providers in radically different ways. Whether you are an architect looking to create CSI specifications quickly and at no cost, or if you are a building owner looking for a great sign company to deliver a complete sign package, make SeeSaw your first stop.

SeeSaw helps you get well designed, high quality, code-compliant signage on your walls with minimal effort.

Right now, SeeSaw has three primary tools:

  • A searchable network of architectural signage firms that has been assembled by invitation only. Every member of the SeeSaw network has been individually vetted to insure they meet our standards, and that they have the ability to deliver signage solutions you can count on.
  • A specification generator. Use this FREE tool to generate project specific CSI specifications and CDs based on our collection of professionally designed sign families. These families provide a range of graphic, material, and color choice. To put the project on the best implementation path, you can include network member companies in the specification as acceptable subcontractors.
  • A browsable image library. Explore hundreds of images from network members categorized by function, material, and configuration.

Over the next several months, SeeSaw will develop and release new tools and resources for the architectural signage community and its clients.

We want you to spend some time here, learn about the work these firms do, and see how they can help you meet your signage needs. Explore the site, see how it works, tell us what you like, and tell us how we can make it even better.

See signs differently!